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Employment Visa has to be sponsored by nationals with competent authority. So as a Jobseeker, you have little or nothing to do regarding Visa. Provide the information requested from you by your Employer & they will handle the rest. For your basic understanding, you may go through the details below.

For the latest information about Employment Visa, please check out the official website or at the nearest Embassy.

Employment Block Visa:

(1) The white Visa Application Form (obtainable from any of the Royal Consulates General of Saudi Arabia) filled out completely.
(2) Two photographs.
(3) A passport valid for at least six months from the application’s submittal date.
(4) A letter from the Saudi employer indicating the number and date of the applicant's employment block visa.
(5) A copy of the signed employment contract.
(6) a) A copy of the applicant's university degree and transcript, legalized by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission or,
b) A copy of the applicant’s technical, professional or academic diploma legalized by the Authentication Office of the Department of State
(7) A letter of release if applicant worked previously in the Kingdom.
(8) A money order for U.S. $267.00, made payable to the Royal Embassy or relevant Consulate General of Saudi Arabia
(9) A completed medical form (obtainable from the Royal embassy or any Consulates General of Saudi Arabia ).

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Capital Riyadh
Official Language Arabic
Area 2149690 Sq Kms
Population 27136977
Currency Saudi Riyal (SR)
Time GMT + 3 hours
International calling code 966
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